Comrade Tsipras savior of Greece’s Publik Sektor

Which Alexis will save Greece?During a televised interview on 12th June, Alexis Tsipras, the 37 year old leader of the radical left SYRIZA party referred to Greece’s partners in Europe on as “our opponents.” This thug who has proved to be an illiterate uneducated opportunist, the type that spent all his school and university days leading sit-ins and occupations, infringing on other people’s rights, derives from a well-to-do family and never actually having worked anywhere in his life, went straight into “the party” and has spent his entire parliamentary tenure creating problems for the country, thwarting any reform efforts,  encouraging violent riots and throwing smart-arse juvenile comments into the political arena meant to enthrall the impressionable and less intelligent.

Like millions of other Greeks within the country and in the Diaspora, I am thoroughly ashamed that someone of this man’s caliber has been “elevated” as a representative, or “leader” of Greece and the Greek people. His policies are ridiculous, those that are actually articulated that is, depending on which version is released by which hermaphrodite SYRIZA constituent clan, surreal in fact. One of his parliamentary candidates in Corinth just resigned in protest, stating that Greece will not last more than a few hours under such reckless leadership. Tsipras has now even gone to the Financial Times with an op-ed to try to improve his image as a reasonable negotiating partner.  Hogwash.

Anyone who has any real knowledge of what is going on in Greece at present would be aware that the only reason this party (SYRIZA) has gone from 4% to up to 30% or more in less than 12 months is because a large part of the spoiled and corrupt public sector, criminal unionists, cronies of the former PASOK (which has been basically cleansed through this) as well as even many right wingers from Nea Dimokratia have thrown their support solidly behind SYRIZA because they believe Tsipras will save them from going where they deserve to go…the rubbish bin.

Sadly, it seems that history will probably remember Greece as a deeply Balkan country that never really evolved from its Ottoman past and was destroyed by its useless public “servants”, corrupt trade unionists and state-dependent cronies, thanks to the opportunistic political operative called Tsipras. There may well be the need to reclassify Greece in global brokerage house lingo from a “developed economy” (if its institutions ever truly graduated to the EU level from the “emerging market” category) to a “submerging market.”  Tsipras should get two gold stars for his good work there.

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About Solon

First coming to prominence for his patriotic exhortations when Athens was fighting a war against Megara for possession of Salamis, Solon, a lyric poet who came from an aristocratic family which traced its ancestry back 10 generations to Hercules was elected eponymous archon in 594/3 B.C. Solon faced the daunting task of improving the condition of debt-ridden farmers, laborers forced into bondage over debt, and the middle classes who were excluded from government, while not alienating the increasingly wealthy landowners and aristocracy. His eventual just reform measures pleased neither the revolutionaries who wanted the land redistributed nor the landowners who wanted to keep all their property intact. Instead, he instituted the seisachtheia by which he canceled all pledges where a man's freedom had been given as guarantee, freed all debtors from bondage, made it illegal to enslave debtors, and put a limit on the amount of land an individual could own. No less daunting are the reform challenges faced in Greece today.

One thought on “Comrade Tsipras savior of Greece’s Publik Sektor

  1. It would be wrong to discard Alexis Tsipras on the basis of prejudices. The man has a lot to offer and some of his offerings are quite interesting and plausible. It would also be wrong to vote for him because on one point is hopelessly mistaken: his belief that the Greek government and state can be part of the solution (instead of being part of the problem).

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