About Reform Watch Greece

OK, its mid-2011, and we didn’t do it way back when.  We could  have done much more.  We watched the Greek bailout deal emerge and contented ourselves with commenting online and in various social media and in perhaps hundreds of articles on the Greek economic meltdown.  We were skeptical, to say the least, but saw incredible online ignorance about the true developments in Greece. We watched, we read, we listened to the various pronouncements of the Papandreou government and the Troika.  Many were both ambitious and optimistic.  So we sat around and commented.  And then we provided even more commentary, some quite bitter. And when we got finished with that we started posting links, a feat now replicated by almost every foreign-educated Greek with a computer (sadly, many are under-employed or jobless) and many other self-appointed observers.

And guess what?  Almost nothing happened.  So we got off our social media sites and created this blog………


4 thoughts on “About Reform Watch Greece

  1. Hi ,
    I can’t seem to be able to find your contact form/email.
    Would you be interested in a guest post for you blog? If you’re interested get back to me at my email.


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